On November 11th, 2023, I went on a day trip with the Churches Together in Ilkley 2000 Group to Blackpool Illuminations. There were three charities dedicated to disabilities that were booked to travel there in the month of November, including Holibreaks, which means it is high in demand. It all started at 11:45am. We travelled […]

The People’s History Museum is hosting an exhibition on disability rights, history and advocacy. The theme of the exhibition is Nothing About Us Without Us! The most accessible exhibition that has ever taken place at PHM, #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs showcases an extensive collection of protest material brought together for the first time. On display until Monday 16 October 2023. […]

“Early history and institutionalisation. The history of Disability Rights in the UK can be traced back to the 18th century, when the first charitable institutions for Disabled People were established. These institutions. Often run by religious organisations, provided basic care and support for Disabled People who would otherwise have been left to fend for themselves. […]

While living in Bradford, another university student decided to interview me for a research project about how students with physical disabilities play Nintendo Wii games. Several studies have shown that playing these kind of games have helped people feeling much better…! 1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. How have you decided to come […]

It’s been six years since I graduated from University. As I reminisce on this milestone, navigating College and University Life independently, as a disabled student, was tricky. The British education system is quite competitive compared to Bermuda. Essex and London was my original goal and preference but it didn’t work out. Therefore, Bradford became my […]

Definitions of traumaPsychological trauma is the overwhelming experience of extreme events that exceed a person’s ability to cope and integrate these experiences. Trauma affects individuals in different ways and there are a number of different identifications depending on the nature, severity and timescales of the symptoms of trauma. Trauma starts in the brain. 3 E’s […]

This year The WindReach Bermuda and Bermuda Riding for the Disabled, is celebrating 50 years of Therapeutic Riding in Bermuda! Therapeutic Riding is recognized world wide for its positive contributions to an individual’s well-being; cognitively, physically and emotionally. In fact, the impact therapeutic riding has on an individual with special needs is profound. Not only […]

Introduction Today, I got to share what it is like to be a wheelchair user, at the St. John’s Ben Rhydding Church in Ilkley, during their first ever Disability Awareness Sunday! There were also other disabled members who watched the service on Zoom. Opening  worship Songs  Amazing Grace ( My chains are gone) Waymaker Then […]

“Privilege is not having to add the extra steps to make the recipe taste good.” – Jon Stewart Let’s think about that by looking at the concept of privilege. Privilege, from a sociological perspective is defined as: “Unearned access to resources only readily available to some people as a result of their advantaged social group […]

Medical House’s Managing Director is Mickey Robinson. Mickey started Medical House in 1995. Mickey’s greatest joy is when our customers of all ages communicate how Medical House staff have helped them get through and overcome challenges in their homes or workplaces. Medical House is a reliable and caring company that provides the very best products […]

Sherrie-Lynn Lilley is the Founder/Director of Inspire Bermuda. This week Inspire Bermuda is celebrating women with disabilities for Women’s History Month! Today we would like to honour the wonderful and inspiring Kathleen Margaret Carter. She was the founder and long-time chairperson of the Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association, Kathleen Margaret Carter championed the cause of people […]

I am now a Willpower Trainer under the Willpower Consultation. Willpower Consultation is a global merging of world-class corporate trainers, social media pioneers, and business development experts. Willpower Consultation has a global network of corporate trainers, online lead generators and business consultants. The course trainer, influencer and consultant, Will ‘Willpower’ Harris, opened 11 orphanages in India during […]

The International Symbol of Accessibility, that white stick figure in a wheel chair on a blue background, was developed in 1969. It was borne of a contest held by the International Commission on Technology and Accessibility, which was won by Susanne Kofoed of Copenhagen, Denmark. Kofoed’s original design didn’t include a head (probably because she […]

Equality Together Bradford is getting involved with this initiative. Sarah Champion is the MP responsible for this. 86% of the cost of Tory tax and benefit changes fall on women’s shoulders. She spoke in Parliament about why the Treasury must honour their public sector duty and carry out equality impact assessments on their policies, just […]

Here in the UK, we have ‘The Disability Confident Scheme.’ The Disability Confident scheme helps employers recruit and retain great people, and to: It also helps identify those employers who are committed to inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The scheme has 3 levels designed to support employers on their Disability Confident journey, these are: […]

Ebony Ambassadors CIC Mental Resilience Workshops on Zoom was a huge success and well attended.The FIRST SPEAKER was QUEEN ESTHER OSAKWE, A Community activist, founder of Life improvement consults, Miss Commonwealth for Africa 2021/2022 as well as Project Manager for Ebony Ambassadors (voluntary role).Esther’s history is one that will inspire you. She was born with […]

Did you know that, there are 1 billion disabled people living in the world today, and 12 million in the UK (18% of the population)? Statistics show that globally a disabled person is more likely to live in poverty and isolation and to be a victim of crime and discrimination.  They are less likely to […]

Web accessibility, or e-Accessibility, is the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites on the World Wide Web by people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed. Misconception #1: web accessibility is about disability. It’s not. Web accessibility is about universality. […]

Active Release Technique Therapy A.R.T is somewhat similar to massage therapy in that a therapist will use their hands to manipulate soft tissues. During A.R.T, however, the patient or the therapist will actively flex and extend different muscle groups during manual therapy. This active motion improves circulation and helps to break down scar tissue. A.R.T […]

Between 2008 and 2010, PPI was limited by the ability to recruit service users. Following the establishment of PURSUN UK in late 2010, involvement activities increased across the programme. Furthermore, the methodology and focus of each work package have guided the nature of involvement. The Pressure Ulcer Research Service User Network UK (www.pursun.org.uk) has a […]

Equality Together Bradford is a local user-led organisation for disabled people, their carers and families. Their services are currently available to people who live in the Bradford Metropolitan District. Some of their services include Self and Group Advocacy. Non Statutory Self & Group Advocacy is about taking control of decisions about yourself and telling others […]

The Disabled People’s Forum in Bradford has officially relaunched. This is a forum which allows disabled people to have their voices heard. The forum also has a Steering Group, which I am a member of. The forum and Steering Group exist in conjunction with the Equality Together Bradford organisation. This comes after the government released its […]

I learned alot at this year’s Healthcare UK Conference. It started at 10:00 with the Chair’s Welcome and Introduction. Then at 10:20, I learned about The New National Pressure Ulcer Surveillance System. At 11:00, they discussed Supporting Learning with frontline staff in pressure ulcer prevention. By 11:30, I had a Comfort Break and Virtual Networking. […]

The definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010 is absolute (and protects an individual from discrimination) if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do general daily activities. The UK’s failure to incorporate the UNCRPD into domestic law, reinforces the regressive medical […]

All throughout life, I’ve been encouraged and trained to be independent despite being diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at birth. Independence is important to me. This pandemic has actually caused me to live at a higher level of independence, especially, in relation to self care and health care. Some wheelchair users prefer their own […]

Disability has a negative connotation that extends beyond its definition, which includes impairments, activity limits, and participation restrictions. Disabled people’s attitudes and the degree of social exclusion they experience are manifested in actions that vary greatly depending on the kind of impairment and various social, community, and familial factors. The impact of an individual’s position, […]

Hate Crime vs General Crime Any crime can be prosecuted as a hate crime if the offender has either demonstrated hostility based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identityOr been motivated by hostility based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identitySomeone can be a victim of more than one type of […]

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.A: My name is Daniella Jade Lowe. I am a university graduate with a BA degree focused on History and Politics from the University of Bradford, England. Journalism and Politics are my passion. I am an emerging Journalist, Politician and Disability Advocate. My motive behind doing this was […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe The Legacy International Group has launched The Purple Vote Campaign. This group was started by Sara Flay and Leighton Morris who lead a team of 15 people with various disabilities. The Purple Vote Campaign was launched in February. This campaign was created to raise awareness about what concerns disabled people and […]

My name is Daniella Jade Lowe. I was born on October 26, 1991. I am a wheelchair user because I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at birth. Spina Bifida is basically a spinal cord injury. I was conceived in Bermuda. Then I was admitted to Harley Street private room with all family in […]

My name is Daniella Jade Lowe and I am an aspiring Journalist. In fact Journalism and Politics are my passion. I have been part of many Journalism opportunities and projects. For example, I’ve represented Bermuda at the London 2012 Paralympics as a reporter for Paralympian Jessica Lewis. Check out the link to my Facebook page […]