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“Privilege is not having to add the extra steps to make the recipe taste good.” – Jon Stewart Let’s think about that by looking at the concept of privilege. Privilege, from a sociological perspective is defined as: “Unearned access to resources only readily available to some people as a result of their advantaged social group […]

Medical House’s Managing Director is Mickey Robinson. Mickey started Medical House in 1995. Mickey’s greatest joy is when our customers of all ages communicate how Medical House staff have helped them get through and overcome challenges in their homes or workplaces. Medical House is a reliable and caring company that provides the very best products […]

Sherrie-Lynn Lilley is the Founder/Director of Inspire Bermuda. This week Inspire Bermuda is celebrating women with disabilities for Women’s History Month! Today we would like to honour the wonderful and inspiring Kathleen Margaret Carter. She was the founder and long-time chairperson of the Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association, Kathleen Margaret Carter championed the cause of people […]

I am now a Willpower Trainer under the Willpower Consultation. Willpower Consultation is a global merging of world-class corporate trainers, social media pioneers, and business development experts. Willpower Consultation has a global network of corporate trainers, online lead generators and business consultants. The course trainer, influencer and consultant, Will ‘Willpower’ Harris, opened 11 orphanages in India during […]

The International Symbol of Accessibility, that white stick figure in a wheel chair on a blue background, was developed in 1969. It was borne of a contest held by the International Commission on Technology and Accessibility, which was won by Susanne Kofoed of Copenhagen, Denmark. Kofoed’s original design didn’t include a head (probably because she […]

Equality Together Bradford is getting involved with this initiative. Sarah Champion is the MP responsible for this. 86% of the cost of Tory tax and benefit changes fall on women’s shoulders. She spoke in Parliament about why the Treasury must honour their public sector duty and carry out equality impact assessments on their policies, just […]