Ebony Ambassadors CIC Mental Resilience Workshops on Zoom was a huge success and well attended.
The FIRST SPEAKER was QUEEN ESTHER OSAKWE, A Community activist, founder of Life improvement consults, Miss Commonwealth for Africa 2021/2022 as well as Project Manager for Ebony Ambassadors (voluntary role).
Esther’s history is one that will inspire you. She was born with Spina Bifida Occulta (hidden) which she only discovered when she was a teenager. She was sexually abuse at a young age and deeply wounded by the trauma she experienced so much so she rejected herself, her roots was severely depressed and very combative in nature.
However, despite having survived sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, shame and trauma that comes with having a child out of wedlock, and then a failed marriage, Esther proved what it means to be mentally resilient as she strived against all odds.
She is currently dating and lives alone with her three daughters.

The SECOND SPEAKER was ANTONIA ADEBISI ADEBOWALE who is women development specialist, health champion for women, and a Mary Kay independent Consultant. She said during her speech that “Her past does not define who she is”. She reminds herself of who she is no matter what she goes through.
She was originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, in 2015. When Antonia got diagnosed, she was scared.
Fibromyalgia is an invisible and chronic illness that causes pain, fatigue and trouble in sleeping. It can cause depression, whole body is sensitive to pain, migraines and brain Fog.
Actual cause of Fibromyalgia is not yet known and there isn’t a particular cure for it yet. Although there has been some link between Fibromyalgia and stress.
We were encouraged to go to the doctor, to get checked if we notice any change in your body. Regular check-ups will help you to understand what is happening when you sense change in the body or experience symptoms you are not familiar with.
She also spoke on symptoms to look out for during pre- Menopause and Menopause as well as what to do to help reduce the stress that come with it.

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