On November 11th, 2023, I went on a day trip with the Churches Together in Ilkley 2000 Group to Blackpool Illuminations. There were three charities dedicated to disabilities that were booked to travel there in the month of November, including Holibreaks, which means it is high in demand. It all started at 11:45am. We travelled […]

The People’s History Museum is hosting an exhibition on disability rights, history and advocacy. The theme of the exhibition is Nothing About Us Without Us! The most accessible exhibition that has ever taken place at PHM, #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs showcases an extensive collection of protest material brought together for the first time. On display until Monday 16 October 2023. […]

“Early history and institutionalisation. The history of Disability Rights in the UK can be traced back to the 18th century, when the first charitable institutions for Disabled People were established. These institutions. Often run by religious organisations, provided basic care and support for Disabled People who would otherwise have been left to fend for themselves. […]

While living in Bradford, another university student decided to interview me for a research project about how students with physical disabilities play Nintendo Wii games. Several studies have shown that playing these kind of games have helped people feeling much better…! 1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. How have you decided to come […]

It’s been six years since I graduated from University. As I reminisce on this milestone, navigating College and University Life independently, as a disabled student, was tricky. The British education system is quite competitive compared to Bermuda. Essex and London was my original goal and preference but it didn’t work out. Therefore, Bradford became my […]

Definitions of traumaPsychological trauma is the overwhelming experience of extreme events that exceed a person’s ability to cope and integrate these experiences. Trauma affects individuals in different ways and there are a number of different identifications depending on the nature, severity and timescales of the symptoms of trauma. Trauma starts in the brain. 3 E’s […]

This year The WindReach Bermuda and Bermuda Riding for the Disabled, is celebrating 50 years of Therapeutic Riding in Bermuda! Therapeutic Riding is recognized world wide for its positive contributions to an individual’s well-being; cognitively, physically and emotionally. In fact, the impact therapeutic riding has on an individual with special needs is profound. Not only […]

Introduction Today, I got to share what it is like to be a wheelchair user, at the St. John’s Ben Rhydding Church in Ilkley, during their first ever Disability Awareness Sunday! There were also other disabled members who watched the service on Zoom. Opening  worship Songs  Amazing Grace ( My chains are gone) Waymaker Then […]