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My name is Daniella Jade Lowe. I was born on October 26, 1991. I am a wheelchair user because I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at birth. Spina Bifida is basically a spinal cord injury. I was conceived in Bermuda. Then I was admitted to Harley Street private room with all family in attendance. However, the baby monitor was turned on and the doctor left the room during which time the nurse seeing all was in order turned off the monitor. Some time later the doctor returned to the birthing room and was horrified that the baby monitor was turned off. Once turned on again, the doctor noticed that I was in distress, growing tired not having sufficient strength in my legs to push myself out. I was immediately sent to Hammersmith and West London Hospital and spent perhaps three weeks in an incubator. My mother was moved to Queen Charlotte’s for recovery. She visited me every day for three weeks.

I was a hungry baby and begun eating cereal as soon as she was returned to the homestead in London. Parents met with Doctors and specialists on a regular basis whilst in England. Prognosis was not good but parents chose to have faith and believe God for His outcome. On returning to Bermuda, we went through registration with a paediatrician who recommended a shunt be inserted into Brain for ventricle drainage. I went to Ohio for a second opinion and where I had a successful operation and recuperated over six weeks. I enjoyed preschool privately and at Gwen’s Wonderland, Bermuda. I entered East End Primary School, Bermuda and it was suggested that I be immediately admitted to a modified program. I was given the opportunity to have the same education as my peers. In other words, I was mainstreamed instead of being put into a special class or special program. The Bermuda Government instituted an inclusive program in the Department of Education. I received occupation therapy, physiotheraphy, learning support etc. With proper and professional help I moved through the educational system successfully. I had three different paraprofessionals.

My favourite subject in school was English. The subject that I dreaded in school and still dread today was Math.  But I try my best. My favourite colour is yellow. I like writing, social media and going to the cinema.

I’ve had many great friends throughout my school life. One friend that I had in school was named Carlton Tuzo. I met him at the Clearwater Middle School, Bermuda. He was a very friendly and helpful person. Whenever I needed help around the school, he would always be there to carry my book bag when my Para-educator had to lift my wheelchair and I up the stairs, or he would sometimes push me around the school to help me get to class. He always took initiative and was a very genuine person.

In relation to vocation, my original plan was to start my career working for a newspaper as a Journalist in Political Science, after graduation, then, after a couple of years, or when I get tired of that, work my way into becoming a Politician. Fortunately, I’ve completed my History and Politics Degree. I have contemplated completing a Masters’ Degree in Journalism, but not yet. I ultimately want to be an advocate for people with special needs through Politics. Journalism and Politics are my passion. I’ve already represented Bermuda at the London 2012 Paralympic Games as a reporter. It was a breath-taking experience. I look forward to doing more.

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  1. Well, Daniella we do seem to be intrinsically connected. At least so far as I can throw our mutual acquaintance by proxy Mr. Zuckerberg to the tax accountant’s dog(s). What say we charge him for the time and discuss Japan and oil acquired at sea?

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About Daniella-Jade Lowe

Hello, My name is Daniella Jade Lowe. I am a PURSUN researcher and I am working on marketing myself as an Accessibility Consultant. Journalism and Politics are my passion. I have a BA degree in History and Politics. What type of disability do you have? At birth, I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus which are neurological conditions. As a result, I use a wheelchair for mobility. What is disability to you? The only disability is a bad attitude. I have a disability. It doesn’t completely define me; it just enhances me in a way which differentiates and strengthens me. My disability should be viewed as an ability: to see the world in a different way. I don’t really like the term because sometimes it indirectly implies someone is dysfunctional or helpless. The most important thing is to never make assumptions. Someone with a disability can be very, physically, fit and strong, highly intelligent and articulate. What has been your experience from the time you remember till now? - positive and negative experiences. My life as a wheelchair user has been generally okay. Wheelchair Accessibility is frustrating. I was teased a little in school. Other than that, life is great. How do you cope with: -daily activities - your disability, do you have times when you are down - people's reactions towards you. I have carers, a Social worker, District Nurses, a GP, and extended family in this country. I am also in contact with a local disability charity in Yorkshire. I also have a friendly landlord. How do you keep yourself motivated? I must stay organised and practice good time management. I also prioritise my plans. What is your word or advice - to those with disabilities? - to the society Don’t let people put you in a box. You have a voice, use it. 10. Tell us about your platforms if you have any- Blog: The View from Where I Sit Facebook: Daniella Jade Lowe Instagram: @daniellajadelowe/@theviewfromwheresitblog Thank you!