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By: Daniella Jade Lowe In this article, my friend and I are going to share our experiences in dealing with both mental and physical disability in the school. Dealing with physical disability in my life has been interesting and quite a learning experience for my family and I. My educational career has been interesting because […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe This is the first segment of my article series ‘Dealing with Disability’. In this article, I will cover Dealing with Disability on the Job, using examples from my personal experiences. Lived Experience How does one handle disability in the workplace? While living in Bermuda, I’ve had sporadic summer jobs and work […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe Wheelchair users in the UK are being overcharged indiscriminately by various taxi firms. According to previous articles printed by the Telegraph and Argus newspaper, this is a situation that has been recurring for over three years. Despite previous campaigns to end this madness, it has relentlessly continued. As a disabled citizen, […]