“Sammy Sets the Record Straight”

Sammy is Awesome.

He may not have the use of his legs, but he can do amazing things.

Sammy is Strong.

Sammy is Fast.

Sammy is Awesome.

What is so Awesome about Sammy?

Well, Sammy is a short, black, 5 year old boy Para-superhero.

He had a ready smile that would light up any room.

When he giggled, it was contagious and you couldn’t help but giggle with him, even if you didn’t know what he was giggling about!

One thing everyone knew about Sammy, you couldn’t be around him for too long before, you too, had a smile on your face. That is just how he was, “Smiling little Sammy”.

Super Sammy loved to have fun and explore, just like any other 5 year old. He loved to laugh and when he was in the company of people he loved, you would hear shrieks of laughter and when curiosity got the better of you, you would find that Sammy was smack bang in the centre of it all.

It was during one such family occasion with his two friends Jamar and Johnny, when everyone was laughing and having fun, that Sammy made an amazing discovery. He realised that he had something that was a bit out of the ordinary. Nobody had told him about his self-discovery, and he kept it a secret.

Sammy loved to be of help to others, but not only that, he found himself dreaming about helping others. He dreamt he had an extra special ability to help others, but never imagined, for one moment, that it was a power that was to be used in reality.

This dream happened regularly and would often occur just before he awoke from his sleep. He would dream that he was helping people who were in need in different types of ways.

In his dream, Sammy was doing all sorts of things that he was unable to do in real life. Sammy was in a wheelchair and had little use of his legs but, in this dream, his legs were not bound. He was not in a wheelchair. There was nothing he couldn’t do. The disability became invisible. He would think about these dreams often, wondering what they meant, as they happened a lot.

In this dream, he had been given super powers. These super powers aren’t genetic or hereditary. They help him to fight off bullies. He could also fly in his dreams, which meant that he has the ability to rise above his problems in reality.

As a disabled superhero, Sammy has grown to dislike bullying. He also doesn’t like the drama that comes with it. As a victim, he has been called all sorts of names like, ‘chocolate-cripple’.

‘See me first, not my wheelchair,’ he cried.

He even has advocates and tactics to help him overcome them. These advocates include Johnny, who has been teased because of his race, and Jamar has been bullied because of his hair. They eventually formed an anti-bullying gang alongside Sammy. He also wears blue to help ‘stand against’ bullying, in support of anti-bullying day.

Johnny and Jamar, helped Sammy come up with five solutions to overcome bullying. Johnny and Jamar were Sammy’s sidekicks.

These tactics include speaking to a caring teacher, trusted adult, parent, calling a helpline or get a personal emergency alarm. Johnny and Jamar teach Sammy that bullies are not born bullies. Bullying is learned behaviour.

So Sammy tried to get to know his bullies and understand why they behave the way they do. Once the bullies realised the error of their ways, Sammy and the bullies worked together to remove the negativity.

Johnny and Jamar also taught Sammy what to do if conflict doesn’t stop.

Conflict 101

  • Have the right attitude.
  • Speak up for yourself.
  • Be direct- Don’t let people boss you around.
  • Pick your fights.

Even today, Sammy continues to use the superpowers from his dreams and uses them in reality to help others.

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